I designed this poster for a concert hosted by the University of Missouri - St. Louis' Percussion Ensemble and Vocal Point. The ensemble performed a piece entitled Stained Glass, which is originally composed by David R. Gillingham. My goal was to incorporate elements of percussion instruments while trying to visually explain the rhythm and sound that is created with these instruments.
As a second piece, I designed the cover art for a vinyl record of Stained Glass. I decided to focus on the title of the piece by enlarging and centering it. To differentiate it more, I reversed the colors within the background. The rhythmic action of the design elements from the poster are carried through the cover art as well.
As a third piece, my class was given the task of designing a one-minute-long motion piece for Stained Glass. I was given minute 7 to 8. Design elements were borrowed from the poster to tie all of the pieces together. Being that motion design is obviously about movement, I wanted to focus on using rhythmic patterns like a piano string being struck or the vibrations of a drum being hit. My minute has a sense of haziness and hypnotism to it, and I conveyed that by using specific effects throughout my piece.
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