I came up with the concept of a coffee brand named Pressed. This brand's goal is to provide protein-infused coffee for those who aim to better their health at the gym. The coffee could also include supplements, like pre-workout powder, for an extra energy boost before a workout. The logo-mark is the combination of a kettle bell and a coffee cup. The angles of the lines throughout the mark reference the type of equipment used during a workout. The red color lends itself to the power aspect of weightlifting.
The coffee bag includes information on the name & type of coffee you're purchasing, as well as a boldness scale, brewing instructions, a mission statement, and an explanation of the specific flavor. 
The cold brew option features a new pattern, integrating the lightning bolt by making the label into that shape. 
The bottom tags are meant to be connected to the neck of the bottle by string, giving consumers more information on the coffee. The cap topper is also shown, which includes the logo-mark and the stroke of a weight plate.
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