Invisible Scars is a mock-up exhibit meant to be shown at the St. Louis Science Center. The purpose of the exhibit is to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis and ways to help those who live with it. There are seven panels total, each being 8' tall by 7' wide. The middle three panels are connected to show the process of the disease. Using bright, neon colors, I replicated the electrical synapses that occur in the Central Nervous System, while using darker reds and shadows to reflect on the underlying, dark nature of this disease. 
Full Exhibit Mock-up
For the second part of this project, I decided to create a mock-up for an app that could be used by those with MS. Users would be able to connect with others who have MS, have one-on-one conversations with them, as well as write blog posts about their life experiences. Other information can be found on the app, such as the exhibit at the Science Center or exciting news related to the disease.
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